Thursday, August 18, 2016

A brief history of False Bottom Bar; 645 N Main

by Victoria Kinkler
guest blogger, craft beer drinker

False Bottom is a large bar.  Used to be two bars actually.  Back in the day.  Eventually, one got bought out and both became Horses to Harley"s.  

It was kind of a hippy not only had wooden floors, but also wooden wall paneling.  They didn't have a liquor license--malt beverage only--but it didn't matter much because the patrons mostly drank PBR and Busch Light.  

The patrons were middle-aged guys with long hair and women with dreadlocks who played pool.  

Video lottery players and musicians.  Dogs were welcomed (and common!) guests.  

Horses to Harley's was open a little over 10 years before becoming False Bottom.  

False Bottom Bar was named for False Bottom Creek out on Maitland Road--between Spearfish and Deadwood.

Not much has changed since the Rapid City Journal reported in June 2014 that

"The bar at 645 N Main St. in downtown Spearfish is being purchased by MLJ properties"

Liquor is now available at False Bottom; they have an extensive selection of whiskey (including scotch) and Fireball on tap.  

They also have 9 craft beer taps, which today include treats like a tangerine IPA (Citradelic) from New Belgium and Alaskan's Smoked Porter.

The wood flooring and walls remain--as do the video lottery and pool tables.  Dogs are no longer part of the experience.

False Bottom has expanded on its attractions though, and currently features:

  • 4 pool tables
  • 2 foosball tables
  • 6 video lottery machines
  • ping pong table
  • 2 dart boards
  • 11 TVs
  • open ping pong and foosball tournaments on Tuesdays
  • live music every other Friday--and every Friday in the summer
Any given night, you can find a mixture of locals and temporary residents at False Bottom. 

Retired professors and pipeline workers; 
BHSU students and oil workers escaping from the oil fields; 
local business owners and out of state hunters.  

All come to False Bottom for something different.  

The games, the selection, the live music--or the free popcorn.  

They also have a booth every summer at downtown Friday nights

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rimrock & Little Spearfish Trails

by Laura Heisinger
guest blogger, hiker, photographer

When it comes to hiking in Spearfish, South Dakota there are no shortage of trails for adventurers and visitors to explore on. From Crow Peak, to Lookout Mountain, Big Hill, Old Baldy, Roughlock Falls, Eagle Cliffs, Community Caves, and Devils Bathtub, just to name a few. The two trail systems that I just discovered back in May after graduation, Little Spearfish and Rimrock Trail. These two trail systems are located on Forest Service Road 222 (Roughlock Falls Road).

Trail Map of Little Spearfish & Rimrock Loops (Courtesy of US Forest Service)
Rimrock Trail
The Rimrock Trail, or by its number Trail #79 is a beautiful moderate rated hike that will take you up and down through ponderosa pine forest, groves of quaking aspen and paper birch. The trail is made up of two different loops. The upper loop is 4.7 miles in length while the lower measures in at 3.2 miles. There is also a spur trail that connects up with the Old Baldy trail system. Multiple access points and trailheads are along FSR 222 for Rimrock.

Access Points & Trailheads for Rimrock Trail

  1. Lower Loop Trailhead- This is the first stop you will find along FSR 222. When traveling west, there will be a small pull out with enough room to park two cars, there will be a faded green gate and a trail sign.
  2. Dances With Wolves Film Site- This area is on the lower loop portion of the Rimrock Trail.
  3. Rod & Gun Campground- The lower loop trail goes right through the campground.
  4. 1997 Holiday Tree- At this location on the trail you will see the stump of a massive tree that was cut down and transported to the White House in Washington D.C. There is also an old root cellar that was constructed into the side of a hill. This is apart of the upper loop of the Rimrock Trail
  5. Ranger Draw- This portion of the trail is part of the upper loop on Rimrock, it also is shared with the Little Spearfish Trail.
  6. Timon Campground- There is no official trailhead for the Rimrock trail at Timon campground, but the trail goes right along the edge of it.
  7. Little Spearfish Trail TrailHead- From this access point you have the ability to hike the Upper Loop of the Rimrock Trail or you can conquer the 6 miles of Little Spearfish Trail.

Some Scenes from Rimrock Trail
Aspen and Birch Groves
Thimbleberries and Wild Raspberries grow along the Rimrock Trail
The trail goes on through Ponderosa Pine Forest

Little Spearfish Trail
The Little Spearfish Trail or Trail # 80 is located about three miles from Roughlock Falls. You will pass Timon Campground on the left side of Forest Service Road 222. Just a few feet after that you will drive over a cattle guard, the trailhead and parking lot will be on the left. The Little Spearfish Trail is a 6.0 mile loop that is rated from easy to moderate in difficulty. The trail will take you a mile  along Upper Little Spearfish Creek, the area is lush and green with different species of wildflowers, you can even spot a retired beaver dam in one of the ponds along the trail. Deer, marmot, and various species of birds can be spotted along the trail. After walking the first mile of the trail along the creek you will cross a bridge on your left and go up hill and come to a green gate, then you will see a newly installed bridge that the forest service built in July. Thanks for saving our feet from trudging through a muddy mess!
Pond along Upper Little Spearfish Creek
Bridge and Wildflowers at the end of Upper Little Spearfish Creek

New Bridge to cover the muddy mess

After crossing the bridge you will follow the trail past some cabins and up into ponderosa pine forest, you will encounter clearings from the forest service maintaining timbers that have been effected by the pine beetles. You will also pass birch groves and fern covered forest floors.

Birch and Ferns


At the end of the hike you will descend down a hill and cross the road twice, hiking through Ranger Draw, and then you will pass the back of Timon Campground and be right back at the trailhead where you started. Doing the Little Spearfish Trail in reverse is quite strenuous with a lot of up hill climbing. It is worth it for the hardcore hiker. 

Little Spearfish Trailhead

This trail system is a lot of fun to hike, bike and even ride horseback on. Make sure you have water and snacks with you. Also keep an eye out on the weather, storms can brew up in the blink of an eye. Carry a rain jacket with you in your backpack. Remember to follow proper hiking etiquette while you are on the trail, have fun and be safe. Happy Trails!