Thursday, April 28, 2016

Termesphere Gallery: Trip to Another Galaxy

by Victoria Kinkler
guest blogger, gallery explorer

So what is a termesphere?

The term was coined by artist Dick Termes, of Spearfish who paints on shapes--mainly spheres.

Each shape is suspended and rotated by a small motor, and Termes uses 6 point perspective to render his subjects.

When the termespheres rotate, it is as if the viewer is turning and looking at a panorama or an entire field of view.  

If you stare long enough, you can almost stand inside of them.

It is quite the trip. 

These contained universes have been sold from San Francisco to Japan, and their subject matter ranges from abstract, to architectural, to surreal.

The Termesphere Gallery is free to visit, and is open Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. 

However, if you call ahead or stop by and ring the bell on a week day, there will likely be someone there to let you in!

Located off scenic Christensen Drive, it is easy to spot given that even the shape of the building (spherical, of course) pays tribute to these one of a kind masterpieces.

Dick isn't the only artist in the family though.

If you like blues or americana, be sure to check out Lang Termes to listen online and pinpoint his next local show.

His CDs and other merch are also available for sale at the Termesphere Gallery.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sweet, clean Spearfish

by Victoria Kinkler
guest blogger, Spearfish resident

If you've visited Spearfish, you might have noticed the cleanliness of the streets and the wilderness alike.  Litter is a rare find.  The air is clean and smells of pine.  It is quiet. Spearfish is lucky to void of the pollution that plagues must of the world--and there are several factors to thank for that.

1. Spearfish was founded as an agricultural town, and is still a small town today.  There wasn't ever much mining or industry; this has kept the earth and the air quality in tact.

2. We are one of the state's leading forces behind recycling programs.  In 2014 Spearfish began a curbside recycling program, which is still going strong.  

In addition, Cans2Cans Recycling barrels can be found in various parks (like the disc golf course) and restaurants (such as Killian's Tavern).

3. The Black Hills are full of nature lovers, and Spearfish is no exception.  Blessed with locals and travelers who make it a point to keep the forests and sidewalks clean, the Spearfish area remains a pristine ecosystem.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Surviving ceremony season

by Victoria Kinkler
guest blogger, 2016 graduate

It's that time of year again; the season of ceremonies.  Graduations and weddings from April through July.  

To survive ceremony season, you will need the perfect venue.

Fortunately, Spearfish is stacked with great venues.

Canyon Street itself presents many options for hosting events.  

Indian Springs (free!) is a popular outdoor wedding ceremony venue.  

Indian Springs features a pond and a waterfall
The lush and cozy Ruby's Garden at the DC Booth National Historical Fish Hatchery (just down the street) is perfect for a graduation or wedding reception.  

The private and pretty Ruby's Garden
If it rains--or if you prefer indoors--the Tretheway Pavilion in Spearfish City Park provides a convenient substitute.

Parking for these locations is ample.

If you want to host a large dance, the Spearfish Convention Center & Holiday Inn is what you're looking for--they have several ballrooms.  

They can also do banquets and feature an americana style pub, and an indoor pool and two hot tubs.

Spearfish Convention Center and Holiday Inn features an americana
style pub and a pool and two hot tubs.  They can do banquets too.
Another full service option is Spearfish Canyon Lodge.  You can have a ceremony indoors or out.  Its stunning rural location provides great photo ops (its near two waterfalls) and the lodge has a restaurant and bar.

Spearfish Canyon Lodge is perfect for a weekend graduation
or wedding getaway
To survive ceremony season, you will need food!

Though the convention center does banquets, most venues do not.

The Bay Leaf Cafe caters--and those folks can whip up a delectable, upscale full course meal in no time.  

A'viand's Dining Services out of Black Hills State University caters banquets, luncheons, breakfast, or just cookies and coffee.  

To survive ceremony season, you have to have music...

instead of a DJ, consider getting a band; there's plenty of talent around.

We recommend: 

Max Temple

Lang Termes

Outer Space Real Estate

Heath Johnson

Black Earth Revival

For more suggestions, click here

Of course, at some point over the summer you will need a gift to survive ceremony season.

The downtown shops in Spearfish provide plenty of choice.  

There are two floral shops (Flying E and Bent Willow)

Dice2Mice for the gamer..

Kathleen's Dress Shop carries an array of both fancy and casual clothing, jewelry, and shoes

At Rushmore Mountain Sports, you can find a variety of outdoor gear

if there's anything else you need to survive, get our event planning guide here.

Now go celebrate!

Photos courtesy of VisitSpearfish

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The ultimate 64 hour Northern Hills getaway

by Victoria Kinkler
guest blogger, backpacker

Spring is a beautiful time in Spearfish, and there is much to see and do.  It's hard to cram all the good times into just 48 hours.  

That's why, in honor of our campaign in Backpacker Magazine, we have a Black Hills spin on Backpacker's 64 Hour Ultimate Weekend Getaway series.

So take off early on Friday for the ultimate 64 hour Spearfish weekend getaway!

Jump on I-90 towards Spearfish.  If you're coming from the West, be sure to stop in Beulah, Wyoming.  Just across the state line and14 miles from Spearfish, the little saloon in small town Beulah is a favorite among locals.  In fact, you're likely to hear the phrase "we're going to go to Beulah today.." in Spearfish. 

So, have a drink--you're on vacation right?  

Hop back in the passenger seat and proceed towards Spearfish for some downtown action--we're talking dinner, music, and shopping.  

Local specialty shops like Leone's Creamery and The Junk Drawer & Naked Olive aren't open all week long--so you better hit them up while you're here on the weekend.

The Matthews Opera House and Arts Center has a great little gallery with rotating professional grade exhibits--usually created by regional artists.

The Matthews Opera House is also known to have bands such as the folk rock group Mipso pop in, and Flanagan's Irish Pub always has a band strumming in the corner.  

Now, for dinner.  

Steerfish steak and smoke on 5th Street offers regional twists on steak, salads, seafood, and mac and cheese. 

Steerfish offers five star food and a classic Western steakhouse feel

The Bayleaf Cafe offers scrumptious, classic dining in a beautiful historical building (it was opened as the Queen City Hotel in 1892).  Their dishes vary seasonally, and always delight.

There are a few bars downtown; a sports bar (The Stadium), a college bar (The Z Bar), and a biker bar (The B&B) to name a few.  

But it's necessary to venture away from downtown for some craft beer.

Spearfish Creek Wine Bar features a rotating cast of wines and beers, as well as a fantastic patio. 

Killian's Tavern is stacked with rare specialty beers, and has a ping pong table hidden in the back room.  

Crow Peak Brewery on highway 14 has spectacular beer, great atmosphere, and live music.  Dogs and children are welcome.  

Turn in at the Best Western Black Hills Lodge so you can get an early start in the morning!

Take a hike!  Seriously though.  Go to Blackbird Espresso (it's on the way to Spearfish Canyon), get a homemade raspberry pop tart and a latte, and proceed to the Canyon.

Given the time of year, there isn't any snow left.  The opportunity for rock climbing and hiking is ripe.  Check out one (or more!) of these routes:

Photo courtesy of Visit Spearfish
After you break a sweat, head to The Latchstring at Spearfish Canyon Lodge for a lunch featuring patio dining among the rock and pines--and treats like buffalo burgers.

Take the long way back to Spearfish by continuing through the canyon--which will take you through historic Lead and Deadwood.  

There is plenty of Old Western lore here; from secret tunnels to old gambling halls, there is plenty in Deadwood for both the history buff and the party animal.  

By the time you get back to Spearfish, you should have a little time left before sunset.

Use these last minutes of daylight to explore DC Booth Fish Hatchery.  It features an underwater viewing area, small trail network, and several ponds full of trout.

Since the hatchery is a short jaunt from downtown, check out the nightlife.  

Besides the usual bar scene, Dice 2 Mice often hosts magick tournaments and West River Studios offers a great sip'n'paint program--sometimes they even have silver smithing classes.

If you feel like staying out late, all of downtown can easily be walked.

Get up early and grab some brunch at Lucky's 13 (spectacular omelettes) or Killian's Tavern (cream cheese stuffed french toast and eggs Benedict).  If you have to get an early start home, go to Barbacoa's for a breakfast burrito to go.

Lucky's 13 features an all-American brunch

If you can kick it in town for a while, tee off at the luxurious Spearfish Canyon Golf Course.  If you're more into disc golfing, the canyon also features a 36 hole course.

Now head home, before your 64 hour vacation turns in to a 72 hour excursion!

But don't forget to let us know--which of the above unique Spearfish attractions is your great place? #mygreatplace

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Summer vacation planning part 2

by Victoria Kinkler
guest blogger, sun worshipper

In our previous post, we offered up events and activities for May and June vacations in Spearfish.  Now we're serving up ideas for July and August.

July is National Ice Cream Month!  Celebrate in style with Spearfish's own Leone's Creamery.  The locally owned small-batch creamery features classic sundaes, homemade gluten free waffle cones, and flavors from vanilla bean to blueberry goat cheese.

"The Phantom of the Matthews Opera House" is a local spin on the classic.  The Opera House and the BHSU theater department perform "The Phantom" every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after July 4.  

Spearfish hosts the 45th Annual Corvette Classic July 14-16.  The Classic features a poker run, guided driving tours through the stunning Northern Hills, and even drag races!

Photo courtesy of Visit Spearfish
Usually the warmest month of the summer, August is the best time to cool off in Spearfish Creek.  There are several spots in the canyon that allow for a hike and a swim.  We suggest:

The creek is all good and fun, but some days its nice to rush down a waterslide while the little ones play safely in the kiddie pool.  

This is where the Spearfish Rec & Aquatic Center comes in.

Here you will find THREE waterslides, a climbing wall, and a 260 foot lazy river.  

Photo courtesy of Visit Spearfish
Of course the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is August 8-14, just 17 miles West on I-90.  Go see the bikes and madness during the day, then retire to Spearfish for a quieter, cheaper evening.  

Popular night life in Spearfish includes Crow Peak Brewery--which frequently features live music outdoors--and Downtown Friday Nights summer festival.

If you would like guidance planning your summer trip to the Black Hills, click here to get our 2016 vacation guide.  

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Summer vacation planning part 1

by Victoria Kinkler
guest blogger, vacation lover

The days are getting longer and sunnier in the Black Hills, and it's time for summer vacation planning!  There is a multitude of outdoor activities and local events all summer long.  Check it out:

If you're planning on visiting Spearfish in May you can expect mild weather--maybe rain.  It doesn't get too warm or crowded, so a hike up Annie Creek in Spearfish Canyon is perfect.  It is a short hike that features a waterfall and a small ravine.

Annie Creek is a perfect Spring hike

The Matthews Opera House is hosting the community theater play "Funny Little Thing Called Love" on Sunday, May 1 at 2pm.  

The mad fiddlers of the Smokin' Campfire Concerto will also be performing at The Opera House on Friday, May 20 at 7:30pm.

May is a good time to visit the Termesphere Gallery down Maitland Road.  It is a beautiful drive on the edge of town, and the gallery is full of wondrous works of art.  

Read more about Termespheres here.

Spearfish's premier Summer entertainment series--Downtown Friday Nights--debuts June 10.  No cover charge, live music, and open container from 5-10pm!  

Many downtown shops stay open late, and there are plenty of food vendors.

The Junk Drawer features local art

Be sure to attend Friday, June 17 to hear Spearfish's own rockin' Outer Space Real Estate.

Every Thursday there are free movies in Spearfish City Park, beginning at sunset.  Click here for the weekly movie schedule.  

Before the show starts, check out DC Booth Fish Hatchery.  It's right next to the park and features an underground viewing area and a small trail network.  You can feed the fish too!

Photo courtesy of Visit Spearfish
If you want more ideas, or would like help planning an early summer get away to the Black Hills, click here for a free copy of our 2016 activity guide.

And stay tuned for Summer vacation planning part 2: July and August!  Coming later this week.