Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Get Ready for the Corvette Classic 2015

Every year the black hills prepares itself for the biggest Motorcycle event ever. However there are a few other great events that happen in the summer this includes the Corvette Classic.

Corvette assemble at the Corvette Classic
Photo By Visit Spearfish @visitspearfish
Each year Spearfish is full of all kinds of really awesome corvettes they can be seen all throughout spearfish and the hills. This is a great week to take the car out and show it off. The week isn't just for driving your awesome car it includes a lot of great events and activities to make your stay worth it.

The week includes guided tours through the hills you can bring your awesome car out with other people who have awesome cars and see the sites. There is also a drag race because how else do you celebrate your classic car without watching some races. The poker run is also a part of the week. Finally end the week off with a car show so you can really show your car off in all of its glory.

Since the rally takes place in July there are a few other events that will take place. you can stop in and see the Melodrama Phantom of the Matthews Opera House at the Matthews Opera House this features the talent of students from Black Hills State University. The Festival in the Park is also taking place during that time and is a great way to see amazing vendors and find some awesome souvenirs.  

The corvette show is something that I think is awesome. I don't have a corvette but when I see all the cool looking cars I just have fun. Bring your car out and experience the hills at the Corvette Classic July 16-18th. 
By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Biking What to Bring

There are so many ways to go out and experience Spearfish. I know I live here and I have done a lot of them. I but one of my favorite things to do is go on a good bike ride. Biking is an activity that is fun and easy to do especially with the convenient bike path that goes through town.

There is a lot that can go into biking it is always have a good helmet and a way to carry water with you when you are out on your bike. For anyone who is in need of gear a great place to find high quality bike gear is at Rushmore Mountain Sports located on Main Street. They have a great variety of bikes and all the gear you could possibly need for your ride.

End of the trail looking over Spearfish on Look Out
Photo By Kris Monroe @kris.monroe 

Biking doesn't have to be done on the bike paths. There are several trails like Iron Creek Trail that are great for people to go biking on. I plan on bringing my bike out a lot this summer to do a lot of biking in the canyon and around town. If you don't have a bike and would like to go biking it is possible to rent a bike while you are here.

Kris Monroe takes his bike out for a ride in the canyon
Photo By Anne Orban @anne.orban

Going out to bike doesn't mean that you have to stay in town. Biking is a great way to experience the hills as well. You can take your bike out to the canyon and ride through it. Biking is a totally different experience than just driving and it is a great way to exercise. There are several trails like Iron Creek Trail that are great for people to go biking on. There is nearly 6000 miles of Black Hills National Forest roads that are open for bikers.

You might be wondering what are good things to bring with when going on a bike ride through the hills. Here is a quick list of essentials for your day out on the trail.

Parked out by Rushmore Mountain Sports
Photo By Kris Monroe @kris.monroe

You want to make sure you keep head safe incase you crash.
Dehydration can be dangerous. Always find a way to pack water with you when you go anywhere on your bike.
A bell helps people on the trail know that you are coming up behind them so they can move over and let you pass.
-Reflective clothes
If you are riding in town or on the trail it is good to have clothes that are bright so people can see you coming.
-Bike Lights
These lights can attach to the front and back of your bike and help you see others and help them see you.
Bags are helpful to have so you can carry any other gear that you might need. 

Pack up and experience the hills on your bike. 

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Find Treasures in Local Shops

I am not a big shopper but I can say that if you want to find quality shopping Spearfish has plenty of quality shops where you can find souvenirs and cute clothes.

I actually work in a small boutique next to the hospital. Although Willow Boutique caters mostly to nurses there is also a great variety of jewelry and bags.

Main Street is where you will find a lot of the cute shops. I have been in most of them during Downtown Friday Nights and they are all full of interesting clothes jewelry and shoes. Of all the shops Main Street my favorite is the antique shop. There are so many little treasures from different times in there and I love looking through history. If you are looking for a one of a kind souvenir check out the antique shop.

For people who are looking for hiking or camping gear I highly recommend you go and check out Base Camp.

If you are looking for places that sell clothes at discounted prices there is a variety of second Hand stores in Spearfish. I love to look through the different secondhand stores you never know when you are going to find something that is truly worth keeping.

There is also a few other places that always come in handy when you are in a jam. These include Walmart, Safeway, K Mart, and Walgreens. I cannot say how many times I have been thankful that these stores are here. Spearfish also has a Maurices that has a lot of cute clothes if you ever need to find something nice for an event.

Of all the shopping the local shops are the best. They all have high quality products and they really make shopping fun. I love looking in the windows and seeing what this little town has to offer. Dont forget to find the Passport to Savings booklet before you go out. This little booklet of coupons will make your shopping experience in Spearfish even better. 

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Stay in Shape or Lounge Away at the Spearfish Rec Center and Water Park

When you are not out touring the hills this summer keep in mind that there are other ways to have fun in spearfish. The best place to cool off besides a lake is the Water Park and Recreation Center Located just off the interstate at exit 12 on Main Street.There are a lot of great places to cool off but there is nothing like letting the kids run around at the Waterpark while you take a float down the lazy river.
Spearfish Water Park
Photo By Visit Spearfish @visitspearfish 

The water park isn't the only thing that the Rec. Center has to offer. There is also a full gym with all kinds of workout classes, equipment, basketball courts, and tracks. Staying in shape while you are on vacation will be simple.

I love to work out and having the Rec. center so close is so helpful for days that I just want to go run. It is also cheaper that you might expect. You can get a day pass for the Rec. Center for only 4.00 and 3.00 for children and seniors. I use day passes there all the time.

The water park is also very affordable for a day of fun in the sun. Adult passes are only 7.50 for a day pass and children under 3 years old are free. This makes for a memorable day.

There are days that touring the Hills just doesn't sound appealing and for those day you should check out the Water Park and Rec. Center. You can stay in shape or just lounge down the lazy river.
By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Outdoor Adventures Continues With Spearfish Hiking Trails

In my time living in spearfish I have noticed that people talk a lot about hiking. When I decided to come to school here it was a big selling point but I never started hiking until last summer. I guess  I never had a buddy who wanted to go out as much as I did so I just never went. Now I am addicted to the trail.

Rabbits and other small animals can be seen from the trails
Photo By Anne Orban @anne.orban

If you read my blog about trails you already know that there are so many great places to go hiking in spearfish. There is so much more than just the trail though. I love going hiking out here because there are all kinds of little adventures that I find when I go hiking. A few months ago while I was hiking Iron Creek my friend and I found a little cave and we decided to explore it. I don’t recommend going off the trail if you don't have the proper gear to protect yourself. We had a knife a rope and a few other things that could double as weapons in case there was something dangerous in the cave. We didn't go very far but we had fun looking in a little way and jumping over stones in the creek.

The Creek
Photo By Kris Monroe @kris.monroe

Its also fun to try and spot wildlife while you are hiking. I grew up in a family that found the beauty in the wildlife around us. I like to take a journal out with me and write down the little critters that I might find while on a hike. Sometimes all I see are little chipmunks but there are times where I deer or larger game. It is important to keep your distance and never touch a wild animal they may look peaceful but even the most peaceful animals can be dangerous.

Kris Monroe stepping over the creek after some exploring
Photo By Anne Orban @anne.orban

Hiking is also great exercise. If you don't want to stay in the gym go out and hike. There are a lot of trails out there that are all up hill. Believe me you will get a workout. I always know when I need to add a little running to my day when certain trails get hard to do.

Remember to pack some snacks with you when you go hiking. I can't tell you how many times I have regretted not bringing snacks. You will get hungry and you will want food and water. It is also good to have on the trail you never know what could happen and you will want to have enough supplies in case something goes wrong on the trail.

I love hiking and spearfish has plenty of places where you can go out and get on the trail. 
By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Enjoy Live Music During Downtown Friday Nights

During the summers in Spearfish the community puts on Downtown Friday Nights every Friday.

The event started out as a once a month event now happens every week from June to September. The event draws thousands each week.

Every time I go there is so much going on and so much to see. All of the downtown shops have their doors open so you can shop the stores as well as the vendors that are there.

The event, hosted by the Downtown Business Association, has been growing and improving each year. There is live music and so many cool things to see while you are there.

Having such a wonderful event each Friday allows businesses to stay open later and allows people to get a true feel of what downtown spearfish is.
Vendors at Downtown Friday Nights
Photo By Visit Spearfish @visitpearfish

Downtown Friday Nights does not only promote businesses it also promotes the arts. Having live music is one way but they are also close to the Matthews Opera House and Arts Center where people can see what local artists have on display. Also many of the vendors make their merchandise.

For anyone who is looking for a good time without spending a lot of money Downtown Friday Nights is a great event to attend. It's completely free and it is fun to walk around and look. My favorite thing to do is people watch and listen to the live music.

Experience downtown come alive at Downtown Friday Nights on Main Street in Spearfish. 
By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Find History in Spearfish's Commercial District

Spearfish's commercial district has been in business since the early 19 century and has many historical buildings still standing. Downtown spearfish thrives with places to shop, eat, live, and spend time with your family.

I go walking down Main Street all the time I usually bring my little camera with me and take pictures. There are so many cool little things on Main Street that make it fun to walk down.
Main Street the home of the commercial district
Photo By Visit Spearfish @visitspearfish

There are also so many little shops that are fun to walk through and shop. Of all the shops my favorite is the antique store. There is already so much history on Main Street that having the antique shop there is only fitting.

There are also a few little restaurants and bars all of which are great. If you read the nightlife blog you already know that the commercial district is home to Spearfish's  thriving nightlife.

The commercial district is also home to the Matthews Opera House and Spearfish Arts Center. This way when you are waking downtown you can go in and look at the Gallery and marvel at the history of the Matthews. This summer the Matthews will be performing "The Phantom of the Matthews Opera House" a melodrama written for the Matthews which will feature students from Black Hills State University Summer stage.
Main Street is a big attraction for bikers
Photo By Visit Spearfish @visitspearfish 

Downtown Friday Nights is also held on Main Street and is a great way to spend your Friday night. Go downtown and listen to live local bands play and stop at the different vendors or shop.

Don't forget to come in and visit us at Visit Spearfish. We are located at the corner of Main and Hudson and can help you find anything in town. 

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Take Spearfish by Storm and Explore Some Trails

Last summer me and a good friend took Spearfish by storm and ventured through as many of the trails in the as we possibly could. He was leaving for the south so we didn't have much time to do it but we would go out and find a new trail every couple weekends and took in the beauty that was in our back yard.

We kicked off our adventure by hiking Harney Peak. Harney Peak isn't located in spearfish but it is a hike that I highly recommend. It is roughly a 6 hour hike and isn't easy but the view when you get to the top is a beautiful way to experience the hills.

Scenery in the Canyon
Photo by Anne Orban @anne.orban

The first time we hiked Crow Peak we were out of shape and were so busy taking pictures of the beauty around us that we only got about halfway. The second time we made it to the top and took in the beauty that was around us. This hike although it wasn't easy was by far one of my favorites. It took us about 5 hours to get to the top, of course we had our cameras and were taking many pictures. It was a climb that really tests your physical fitness but it was well worth it when we got to the top. Looking over Spearfish and the Black Hills is a view I love to look at.

11th Hour Gulch
Photo By Visit Spearfish @visitspearfish

There are a few trails that are not as well known. 11th hour gulch is really more of a rock climb and I must recommend sturdy shoes for this one. I made the mistake of hiking it in Toms which was a bad idea. My foot slipped and I ripped the canvas off the front of my shoe. When you go through 11th hour remember to just follow the rocks there isn't really a trail and if you go to look for one you will get covered in poison ivy. It is a beautiful hike and I recommend it for anyone who is up for a challenge. The entrance is kind of hidden. When you drive through Spearfish Canyon look for the kissing rocks in the creek, they are two huge rocks in the creek that are touching, across the street is a little opening in the brush and that is the entrance. A little ways in are ropes to get up the steep rocks. Only do this if you are in shape and up for a challenge.

Spearfish Creek
Photo By Kris Monroe @kris.monroe

Rimrock trail is a little ways out but it is again a beautiful hike. When I went out there almost a year ago there were still trees down from the Atlas Blizzard that caused many trees to fall down. The trail brought us past some very beautiful scenery that looked like it came out of a book. The trail is one of the easier ones if the trees hadn't been there. The trail is about 3.5 miles and it connects with the little spearfish trail which is another 4.5 miles.

For people who love looking over scenery I recommend community caves. These are a series of caves that you can hike up to in the canyon they are located at mile marker 13 in the canyon. It is a climb and once again don't be like me and wear Toms. The view from the top of the rocks shows the grandeur of Spearfish Canyon.
Community Caves
Photo By Visit Spearfish @vistspearfish

Of all the trails in Spearfish Canyon that I have been on the easiest is Iron Creek trail. This trail will bring you all the way to Iron Creek Lake and is also a great mountain biking trail. I recently went hiking and bird watching on Iron Creek right now it is covered in snow but soon it will be clear enough to go all the way down to the lake.

One of the shortest yet most difficult climbs I have taken through the canyon was the '76 trail. Don't be fooled by the half mile distance. This trail climbs 700 feet to the rim of Spearfish Canyon. The end of the trail is another great view just be ready for good climb.

Centennial trail is a trail I have yet to hike. Winding more than 100 miles it is the centerpiece of the Black Hills. The trail starts near Bear Butte and ends in hot springs. I plan on someday hiking the entire trail.

The Big Hill Trails are 15 miles of interconnected trails located 7 miles outside of spearfish in the Black Hills National Forest. These are trails I have yet to hike but they are on my bucket list for this summer. Make sure they are on yours too.

If you are really in to biking go try the Mickelson Trail. This trail stretches 109 miles from historic Deadwood to Edgemont. The trail has many repurposed railroad bridges and is made of crushed limestone and gravel making it an easier hike and a great place to bring your bike.

Remember when you are hiking the trails to be safe. There is wildlife all around you don't approach any wild animals they may look cute but they can be dangerous. My friend and I had a close call with a mountain goat when it ran down on the trail right in front of us. Luckily it stopped looked at us and went on its way but it could have ended differently if we didn't give it space or made it feel the threatened. This was one of the most beautiful and terrifying experiences in my life. Make sure you pack plenty of water and snacks to keep hydrated and to keep your blood sugar from getting too  low. Have a first aid kit and stay on the trail there is poison ivy and oak all over in the woods the trails have been cleared so stay on them.

All of these trails are either in or very close to spearfish. Spearfish is great place to be when you want to hike it acts as a great home base. Embrace the outdoor adventure ahead of you in spearfish.

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger