Wednesday, April 29, 2015

BHSU Celebrates Graduates

Black Hills State University is a huge part of the community in spearfish. It provides diversity to the community and through the months of September-May it is the home to students. Every year when May rolls around there is great excitement as BHSU graduates prepare to start their lives as professionals.
Photo By Seth Courtney @gentlesasquatch 

I am a BHSU student and am proud to have had this experience. While I won't graduate until next December I am excited for many of my friends who I have seen work their way to their degree.

Black Hills State University is more than just a community college. It is an accredited university that prides itself in offering students quality classes with professionals that you won't find anywhere else. In my time here I have been so surprised at the amount of professionalism that each professor has had in the classroom.
Photo By Visit Spearfish @visitspearfish

With graduation upon us I like to reflect on my time here in the black hills and look forward to the day that I will receive my degree and step in to the professional world.

Spearfish is responsible for expanding my education and giving an experience that is irreplaceable. The people and professionals I have met in my four years here have inspired me to grow and expand my education further than I thought was possible.
Graduation at BHSU 1958
Photo By Visit Spearfish @visitspearfish

If you will be visiting for graduation and need a place to stay be sure to check out for vacation packages as well as details on places to stay. 

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Birding a peaceful outing

Wildlife is a huge part of Spearfish. I am constantly seeing wildlife both in town and when I am out on the trail. There is a huge array of animals at every turn. I love watching and learning about the nature around me and that is a huge reason why I love spearfish.

Probably the most relaxing way to watch wildlife is to go birding. Spearfish is home to a wide variety of birds.

Although it might sound boring I grew up watching birds with my grandparents. I loved learning the different kinds of birds and their calls. A favorite memory is seeing a bird and calling it in closer with my Grandpa.
Birds stop by for some lunch
Photo by Kris Monroe @kris.monroe

Birding in spearfish is so easy to do because you don't have to go anywhere special to do it. If there is a day where you just feel like staying in you can still experience Spearfish from your hotel window all it takes of a pair of binoculars and a bird book.

Birding is a way to experience the wildlife that is constantly around us. You may not think of birds as wildlife but they are and they are everywhere. They are extraordinary creatures and watching them has to be one of the most entertaining things to do.

I went birding for the first time this year a couple weeks ago. I like to go out to a trail and bring my camera so I can get some exercise and see birds. It was still a little early in the season for both of these activities but despite the snow covered trail I did find a couple birds  and got some great photos of them.
A robin and a worm
Photo by Anne Orban @anne.orban

I like to go out to trails and find birds because there is so much other wildlife about in the canyon and while I might be looking for birds I have gotten some cool pictures of mountain goats, deer, woodchucks, squirrels, prairie dogs, and chipmunks. Birding while hiking is a way to experience the wildlife that surrounds you in Spearfish. 

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger

Monday, April 20, 2015

Get Your Golf Game on in Spearfish

April 10th was national golfers day. What better way to kick off the summer than by visiting one of Spearfish's golf courses anytime of the year.

The courses are a great way to unwind and relax. For myself golfing has been an outlet to blow off steam. I like to go out to any driving range and just hit balls as far and as hard as I can. Spearfish’s two courses have provided me with this much needed outlet.

There is also something about the game. I love getting out and taking the challenge of getting the golf ball where it is supposed to go. There is so much strategy that goes into golf that goes unnoticed.

As the summer season gets closer it might be time to get out your clubs and play a few holes at one of our beautiful courses.

Spearfish is home to two beautiful golf courses. During my time on my high school golf team I was able to golf on the Elkhorn Ridge course. This is a regulation 9 hole course with beautiful scenery. My favorite feature of this course was the elk hoof shaped sand pits.

Elkhorn Ridge also features a 280 foot elevation change and a spectacular view of Centennial Valley and Elkhorn Ridge.

This course is fairly new and is located 4 miles east of Spearfish. The course will soon feature the regions only double-ended driving range to allow golfers the luxury of practicing away from the rising and the setting sun.

Even though I have never golfed at the Spearfish Canyon Country Club I drive past it nearly everyday and I have walked through it before. This champion 18 hole course is a great place to play. This course is lined with mature trees offering a beautiful yet challenging course. For the non golfers who may go along there is a swimming pool and a pro shop.

The course is so beautiful and I plan on someday playing a few holes. They really do take time to make sure the course is in perfect shape for anyone who golfs there.

Surrounded by the rustic Black Hills this course is a great place to play a few holes and take in the beauty around you. After a good game take a break and relax at the bar and grill and take advantage of the great practice facilities.

Golfing is a summer activity that anyone can enjoy. Whether you are good at it or not go on and have a relaxing day at one of Spearfish’s golf courses.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Enjoy the arts at the Matthews Opera House and Spearfish Arts Center.

I love the arts and am lucky to live in a town where there are so many options to see art in all of its forms at the Matthews Opera House in Downtown Spearfish.

The Matthews Opera House is a historical gem in Spearfish. With a beautiful interior and stage it really captures the grandeur of the Theatre from the 1900's.

Matthews Opera House Downtown Spearfish
Matthews Opera House
Photo By Anne Orban 

The Matthews was opened on Dec. 3, 1906 by Wyoming Rancher Thomas Matthews. The first show to be produced in the space was the political farce comedy "The Lion and The Mouse." Through out the years the Matthews was used for plays, motion picture showings and even basketball practices. The Matthews was fully restored in the 1980's to what it is today. 

The Matthews is still functional with season filled with concerts from many different folk bands and a variety of plays. Attached to the Matthews is the Spearfish Art Gallery. 

This summer the Matthews will be doing a play written for the building itself. Running through the month of July you can stop and see "The Phantom of the Matthews Opera House" this is one play that you won't want to miss.

The Cast on the set of Clue
Clue at the Matthews
Photo By Kris Monroe 

I love the theatre and it is so wonderful to have a place like the Matthews where theatre is still alive and encouraged. There is something so special about seeing a live performance. What you watch on a stage will never be seen again and that is something.

I was so excited to recently attend one of their many events. I was lucky enough to revive tickets to the Dana Long Trio concert. It is great that the opera house brings in these groups that would otherwise not stop here. The experience was full of culture and art.

I have also attended many of the theatrical productions. Each one has been a wonderful experience. It is a great place to go and see local talent.

The stage in preparation of Woman In Black
The stage in preparation of Woman in Black
Photo By Kris Monroe 

Some of the best talent that is showcased at the Matthews is the senior art show that happens every year in the gallery. Black Hills State University seniors display their best work for the public to see. The amount of talent that is on display in the gallery throughout the year is amazing for such a small town.

There is so much art to be seen at the Matthews and it comes in all kinds of mediums.

Not only do the plays feature local actors they are directed by local directors of all ages. A good friend of mine directed "Red" a two man drama at the age of 22. The Matthews is open to new faces and talent in the community no matter where they can be of help.

Opening night of Red
Opening Night of Red at the Matthews
Photo By Anne Orban 

Stop by and enjoy a show in the beautifully restored Opera House. You won't be disappointed. 

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Experience excellence at a Spearfish Bed and Breakfast

Have you ever stayed at a Bed and Breakfast? If not then you should know what you are missing out on and consider one of spearfish many Bed and Breakfasts.

While planning vacations most people look for the nicest hotel to stay at and while this is a completely acceptable way to plan staying at a Bed and Breakfast will make your stay something truly memorable.

When you stay at a bed and breakfast you will not have to only rely on a tourism pamphlet to tell you how to get around town or how to find all of the best attractions. Your hosts are seasoned natives of spearfish and can tell you how to get around and may even tell you where a few hidden treasures are.

Each Spearfish Bed and Breakfast has it's own unique personality. When you decide where to stay you can find a place that suites you. 

The Dimond M Ranch Bed and Breakfast is located on 40 acres of land. This bed and breakfast is a perfect place for anyone who is looking for a country get away. Each of its rooms are decorated in a western style and one room even has a beautiful view of Crow Peak. 
Dimond M Ranch B&B
Photo By Visit Spearfish 

If you are looking for a secret getaway then the Secret Garden Bed and Breakfast is a place to consider. Each of the rooms are decorated as if you were in a garden. This Bed and Breakfast also includes an attic room for larger parties. 

Spearfish Bed and Breakfast is located on the outskirts of town and is newly renovated. You can see the city's crowning peaks and is located close to shopping and historical landmarks. 

Spearfish Bed and Breakfast
Photo By Visit Spearfish 

For anyone really looking for a place with personality the Wander Inn Bed and Breakfast is the place for you. This B&B is located by Spearfish Creek and was built in the 1940's. I personally just like to look at this place. Surrounded by all kinds of greenery it really will feel like a getaway. 

Wander Inn Bed and Breakfast
Photo By Visit Spearfish 

Personality is one reason why you should stay at a Bed and Breakfast but there are so many other great reasons why a Bed and Breakfast is the place to stay. 

While continental breakfasts at hotels continue to get better. Nothing tops the homemade breakfast you will receive when staying at a bed and breakfast. Your hosts put time in to make sure that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable and part of that is providing you with a delicious breakfast.

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast means you will revive a hospitality that you can't find anywhere else. This is the kind of hospitality that is given to you by the people who are inviting you into their home. This is the kind of hospitality that is only found at a Bed and Breakfast.

The bed and Breakfasts in spearfish are beautiful Victorian era houses located close to historical downtown Spearfish. They are all close to the best attractions in town and make seeing spearfish easier.

Make your spearfish experience even more memorable and chose to stay at one of our beautiful Bed and Breakfasts.

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger