Monday, February 23, 2015

Try a Signature Dough Trader Pizza in Spearfish

In the few years I have lived in spearfish I am always pleasantly surprised by the restaurant choices available in such a small town. The restaurants in spearfish range from fast food to mom and pop

Everyone one loves pizza. In spearfish there are lots of places to get pizza but the best place is Dough Trader. Dough Trader is a locally owned pizza place located on Jackson Blvd. They specialize in homemade pizza made to order.
Photo by Anne Orban @tea_cup23

Unlike traditional pizza places Dough Trader’s menu is full of unique toppings and sauces and your choice of whole grain or traditional sourdough. While the menu is full of exciting options there is so much more to this little restaurant.
Photo by Anne Orban @tea_cup23

When you walk in to Dough Trader the atmosphere is very calm and homey. The waiters and waitresses are all ready to greet you and give you your menus. Unlike other restaurants you can pick where you would like to sit. My favorite place to sit when  eat there is at the small table in the corner by the fireplace. I usually go there when I am with someone and it is far enough away from everyone else there that we can have a nice quiet conversation. They also have a separate seating area for larger parties to reserve.
Photo by Kris Monroe @kris.monroe
Dough Traders has a romantic ambiance which makes it a perfect place for a date. The dim lights and and candles on the table always make me feel like I am in a small pizzeria in Italy. While many chose this place as their date spot it is also child friendly and the kids will love the pizza.

Photo by Anne Orban @tea_cup23

While it may not be the cheapest pizza in town, an average signature pizza costs approximately $16.00 you can also build your pizza starting at $12.00.  For the quality of pizza this is a great price.

On top of great pizza, a lovely atmosphere, and great service Dough Traders also has a beer and wine list. While it is not a big selection they have a nice selection of different kinds of beer and are not limited to domestics.

Spearfish is home to many wonderful  local restaurants. Dough Trader is proof of the kind of dedication that is put into making your meal times here comfortable and memorable.

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Spearfish South Dakota: Your Next Vacation Destination

Anyone who has planned a summer vacation knows you want to think about what you want to see. If you are looking for a place that has beautiful scenery and sites that can't be seen anywhere else then Spearfish is a place that you should consider traveling this summer.

person stopped for a break during a hike
Photo By Anne Orban @tea_cup23
Throughout my childhood we traveled to spearfish for outings quite often. I fell in love with this town at a young age. Since my family loves the outdoors we would find all kinds of hiking trails and fishing areas. At the end of a long day my mom would bring us all to the creek to see who could keep there feet in the freezing water the longest. These childhood memories prompted me decided to attend college. Spearfish is a wonderful community and is close to many amazing sites and outdoor activities.

Although I love the outdoors, I found that there is much more to do in spearfish than go hiking. This is why you should consider everything Spearfish has to offer when planning your family vacation this year.

Many people come to the Black Hills to see the see Mt. Rushmore and Devils Tower, this makes Spearfish an ideal place for lodging because, it is the halfway point between these national monuments. With 5 Bed and Breakfasts, 6 campgrounds and 15 hotels, motels and lodges  as well as Vacation Packages that are offered, finding a place to stay is easy and affordable.

Spearfish has a beautiful park that your children will love, and it is a great place to stop and stretch your legs when taking a trip to either of these two beautiful monuments.This halfway point is a small reason why Spearfish makes a great vacation destination, but there is so much to do without even leaving town.

Next to the City Park is the Historic DC Booth Fish Hatchery. The Hatchery is full of monumental buildings as well as a train car, an underwater viewing area, and a gift shop. Not only does the a hatchery house this history it offers tours of both the Booth House and the Train Car.
Photo By @blackhillsbadlands

For outdoor adventures spearfish has many hiking trails. My personal favorite is Iron Creek Trail. This trail is an easy hike with beautiful scenery. Even an elderly friend of mine was able to make it. As you walk you will see beautiful foliage along the creek and may even see some wildlife.  

People who stay in spearfish enjoy the outdoor adventure but when night rolls around it can be difficult to find things to do in a small town. If you are someone who doesn't want to sit in a hotel all night long, Spearfish has a lot going on in the evenings. There are several different bars, a nightclub, a movie theatre, a bowling alley and many different restaurants. If you are really feeling up for it you can go night hiking in the canyon.

foam gathered on a beer glass
Photo By Anne Orban @tea_cup23
Enjoy an evening at the Matthews Opera House. Located on Main Street. You will find that the Matthews is filled with original interior and a beautiful stage. If you visit this summer the Opera House will be performing the “Ghost of the Matthews Opera House” which will run through the month of July. Black Hills State University also holds their summer season. If Theatre is something that you like Spearfish has plenty to offer.

After a few days of seeing sights a day to relax and have fun might be in order. A relaxing activity that Spearfish has to offer is birding. Spearfish is home to many different migratory and resident birds. What’s the best thing about birding in Spearfish? You dont have to venture that far from your hotel to do it.

Along with all of these amazing activities  spearfish also offers fishing, golfing, and so many other outdoor adventures. For fun days around the town there is a variety of restaurants and other attractions.
top of crow peak
Photo By Kris Monroe @kris.monroe

From historic and national monuments to good outdoor fun Spearfish has a lot to offer as a great summer vacation destination. For more information on booking and vactaion packages check out:

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Spearfish: The Small Town Big on Coffee Culture

It doesn't matter if it is cold or warm, early in the morning or late afternoon, you have homework to do or you just need a place to sit and work on your novel, Spearfish has a variety of coffee shops in town and each with their own unique style and coffee. 
Black Bird Coffee with leaf latte art.
Photo By: Maggie Sowers @maggsowers 

Spearfish is a relatively small town, however, there are six sit-in coffee shops, two that offer lunch options, three that offer dessert and baked goods, and one that is also a roaster. Besides these shops there is a drive-thru coffee shop as well. Four of the seven shops are locally owned and do not belong to a franchise.

When I am in need of some real inspiration I usually find myself at either Common Grounds or Green Bean, both close to Downtown Spearfish. These shops offer a laid back atmosphere offer lunch choices and of course a wide variety of coffees. Depending on the day and where I am at, my coffee choices vary between plain house coffee and caramel lattes.

What I have found about Common Grounds that is different than the other shops in town, is more families tend to go there for lunch. I see a lot more children when I am at Common Grounds than when I am at Green bean or Blackbird Espresso. While it is nice to have a family friendly place in town, it makes it difficult for me to study so I am usually only at Common Grounds to get coffee and go.

When in need of a real study marathon, I go to Green Bean. I enjoy their flavored coffee and Chai teas more than any of their other options. Green Bean is also a little quieter than Common Grounds. I also enjoy the outdoor seating at Green Bean as it is in the shade and is secluded from Main Street by the trees and bushes that grow around the building. While I like to study at Green Bean it is not the quietest shop in town.

Blackbird Espresso under the same ownership as Green Bean,  offers a completely different atmosphere and experience. The shop stays open later and strictly offers coffee and dessert choices. The coffee is a higher quality and is more expensive. However, if you are looking for a place to meet quietly with others or spend hours doing homework Blackbird offers a quiet atmosphere that is ideal for formal meetings and long hours of study.

latte with leaf latte art
Photo by Kris Monroe @kris.monroe

Recently Blackbird has started an open mic night. Open mic is an great opportunity for local artists to perform as well as enjoy some great local talent. Blackbird is also located next to Rushmore Mountain Sports. If you are someone who enjoys bikes you can grab a cup of coffee and get your bike fixed at the same time.
Open Mic Night at Black Bird Espresso
Photo By Maggie Sowers @maggsowers 

Although I often forget about it, there is a Starbucks located inside Safeway for anyone looking for coffee that they might be more familiar with. Starbucks also offers seating while you wait for your coffee. Starbucks comes to my rescue every so often when I am on the other side of town before work and cannot get to the other shops before my shift.

Fresh Start convenience store has a coffee shop as well. What is special about this shop is that the beans are actually roasted right here in Spearfish for all of the fresh starts around the region. This is also a perk for organizations that would like to sell coffee or have a roast of their own. Although it is inside a gas station, the quality of the coffee is as good as any of the other shops in town.

Black Hills State University, Spearfish's own college campus, also has two coffee shops. These coffee shops offer students the opportunity to grab a cup while they study or make their way to class. When I lived on campus, I loved having a coffee shop within walking distance. There are two Jacket Java locations on campus which serve quality coffee as well as offer breakfast and lunch specials.

Photo by Sam Terveen: @samyjt91

There have been times that I have been in a real hurry or just didn't want to get out of the car. During these times Queen City Coffee Shop, located on Jackson Boulevard,  is always there to come to my rescue and their coffee is served fast and is good quality. I love how they offer more than just black coffee and have soy, since I am lactose intolerant.

On the note of lactose intolerance I am pleased to say that all of the coffee shops in town have options for those of us who have this need. If they do not have soy on hand they almost always have another option such as almond or lactose-free milk.

I wouldn't call myself a coffee expert but I do love my morning brew. I am very fortunate to live in a town where there are so many coffee options. I have never had a bad coffee experience in Spearfish and I doubt I ever will. 

By Anne Orban 
Guest Blogger